Equine cardioteam Ghent University

Cardiology team university Ghent

The equine cardiology team was founded in 2001 by two fixed members: and . In 2009  Prof. Dr. Annelies Decloedt joined the team. All team members have specific expertise in cardiovascular examinations in horses.

The Equine Cardioteam Ghent University runs a highly specialized unit for clinical patients and for research. All state of the art techniques are available to perform advanced Ultrasound, ECG monitoring, intracardiac ECG, IntraCardiac Echo (ICE), catheterisation, transvenous electrical cardioversion (TVEC, click for video), pacemaker implantation (click for video), advanced electrophysiological studies of arrhythmias and even 3D electro-anatomical mapping (Rhythmia, Boston Scientific). Recently, for the first time, successful RF (radiofrequency) ablation has been performed in horses to terminate sustained arrhythmias using Rhythmia to localize the ectopic focus.


Gunther van Loon


Prof. Dr. Gunther van Loon

DVM, PhD, Dipl.. ECEIMEuropean College of Equine Internal Medicine

Assoc. Member ECVDI European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Head of the cardiology team since 2001

Dominique De Clercq


Dr. Dominique De Clercq

Head of the clinic

DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECEIMEuropean College of Equine Internal Medicine

Main member of cardiology team since 2001

Annelies Decloedt


Prof. Dr. Annelies Decloedt

Lecturer in clinical and communicative skills

DVM, PhD, Post-fellowship FWO cardiology

 Fix member of cardiology team since 2009


Barbara Broux




Dr. Barbara Broux



Lisse Vera




Lisse Vera

Veterinarian, FWO-fellowship cardiology


Glenn Van Steenkiste




Glenn Van Steenkiste

Veterinarian, FWO-fellowship cardiology


Sofie ven




Sofie Ven

Veterinarian, PhD-student cardiology