Bachelor years

  • Pathophysiology en Clinal Chemistry (3e bachelor)

Master years

  • Propedeutics large animals (1e Master)
  • Diseases of large animals (2e Master)
  • Disease of large animals part II (2e Master)
  • Clinic Internal Medicine Horses (3e Master)
  • Clinic Internal Medicine Ruminants (3e Master)

Postacademic education

  • Institute For Permanent Education (program)
  • Equine Internship option "internal medicine"
  • Residency ECEIM program (supervisors: Prof. Dr Gunther van Loon and Dr. Dominique De Clercq)
  • Residency ECBHM (supervisors: Prof. Dr. Piet Deprez and Dr. Bart Pardon)
  • working with laboratory animals