Cattle health

About us

The team led by Prof. dr. Geert Opsomer consists of a broad group of employees, with at least two veterinarians available day and night to go on the road together with students for ambulatory work. In addition, several veterinarians are on the road during the day for company support or for following up problem farms of both dairy and beef cattle. Thanks to our large team of veterinarians, we can work very flexibel. Important or difficult cases are also discussed and evaluated on a weekly basis.


Prof. dr. Geert Opsomer


dr. Miel hostens


drs. Bart De Temmerman


drs. Brecht Scheirlinck


drs. Celien Kemel


drs. Hans van Loo

Veterinarian/Education supervisor

dr. Mieke Van Eetvelde


Ria Spiessens

Logistics employee