Equine reproduction

Who we are

The clinical department of large animal reproduction consists of two teams. One team is specialized in equine reproduction and obstetrics with drs. Jan Govaere as head of the unit. The other team, takes care of the reproduction and obstetrics in cattle under supervision of Prof. dr. Geert Opsomer.

Both teams are supported by assistants, residents and interns.


drs. Jan Govaere

Head of clinic

drs. Maya Meesters


dr. Bert Damiaans


Marjolein Brack


Sofie Peere


Marion Papas


Ellen Polfliet


drs. Ilse Gerits


Marnik De Norre

Team responsible clinic

Els De Fré

Logistics employee

Dirk Swartelé

Animal caretaker

Hundra Vandenbulcke

Animal caretaker

Kayliegh Dick

Logistics employee

What we do

The clinic large animals reproduction takes care of all cases concerning reproduction and obstetrics. We have two different teams, each specialized in their own subfield, but working in close collaboration. The equine reproduction team works under supervision of drs. Jan Govaere and the cattle health team is supervised by Prof. dr. Geert Opsomer. In our clinic the students get the chance to see and participate in all aspects off animal reproduction.