Cross-border PhD mobility - open call for Ghent University

Framework of the mobility grant

In the Interreg project TRANSUNIV (2018-2020), six academic partners join forces to better integrate the labour markets in northern France, Wallonia and Flanders. The project is coordinated by CoMUE Lille Nord de France and has KU Leuven Campus Kulak, Ghent University, UCL Mons, the University of Mons and the University of Namur as other partners.

The TRANSUNIV project stimulates cross-border cooperations between the partner universities and the socio-economic actors in the French-Walloon-Flemish region. Students and young researchers from the partner institutions will be able to participate in numerous activities (workshops, seminars, mobility,...) that prepare them for cross-border labour mobility.

Within this project, mobility funding is foreseen to encourage PhD researchers to conduct part of their research in academic or public institutions and non-academic organisations in this cross-border area.

Goal of the mobility grant

Funding for interregional mobility of PhD researchers. PhD researchers can apply for funding for a research stay in an academic or non-academic organisation, e.g. a research group at a university, a laboratory in an R&D company, a traineeship in a non-governmental organisation etc. The host organisation should be located in one of the following arrondissements:

  • France: Cambrai, Douai, Dunkerque, Lille, Valenciennes, Arras, Béthune, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Calais, Lens, Montreuil-sur-Mer, Saint-Omer, Avesnes.
  • Wallonie: Ath, Charleroi, Mons, Mouscron, Soignies, Thuin, Tournai, Namur.

The funding aims to promote mobility in the cross-border area as well as to enable to gain a precise apprehension of the modes of action and systems in place outside of their university and beyond their research objective.

Deadline for application

Open call: applications possible any time between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 for mobility between 1 September 2019 and 31 December 2020. 

All applications should be sent to Samya Ehlalouch at the Doctoral Schools Office (

Application form

Please use this form to apply


  1. Duration of the research stay: maximum twenty working days – either consecutive days or spread over a longer periodbetween 1 September 2019 and 31 December 2020.
  2. Location of the research stay: in one of the eligible arrondissements in the cross-border region (see supra).
  3. Candidates: PhD researchers from all disciplines.
  4. Host organisation: no restriction concerning the type of host (research lab, public institutions, private companies,…).
  5. Funding: max. €1000,00 per grant to cover travel and subsistence costs. At the end of the traineeship/research stay the PhD candidate can reclaim costs up to €1000,00, on the basis of invoices or proofs of payment. Requests for ‘per diems’ will not be accepted. Beneficiaries should take into consideration the maximum prices for hotels (, in Dutch).
  6. Beneficiaries preferably travel by public transport (only 2nd class tickets will be reimbursed).
  7. The beneficiary of the grant has to fill out a feedback survey online at the end of the traineeship/research stay.
  8. The beneficiary is obliged to mention the support of the Interreg funding in the acknowledgement of all published (research) results that have been achieved with the aid of the mobility grant.
  9. The beneficiary needs to take the necessary precautions with regard to protection of IP, non-disclosure agreements etc. (if applicable)
  10. The beneficiary needs to seek the approval of the agency that funds the PhD research before the mobility period starts. (if applicable)
  11. PhD researchers are in principle covered by the UGent insurance policy. In case of doubt, the researcher has to make sure that he/she is appropriately insured during the mobility period.
  12. Non-EU citizens need to ensure that they are allowed to travel to and stay in one of the cross-border regions.

More information

Please contact Samya Ehlalouch at the Doctoral Schools Office ().


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