Doctoral School Council of Natural Sciences

Members 2017-2019

Tenured academic staff representatives

Prof Dr Herwig Dejonghe, dean of the Faculty of Sciences (space studies), chair
Prof Dr Annemieke Madder (chemistry) - substitute: Prof Dr Patrick Bultinck
Prof Dr Veerle Cnudde (geology) - substitute: Prof Dr Kristine Walraevens
Prof Dr Kristine Walraevens (physical land resources) - substitute: Prof Dr Veerle Cnudde
Prof Dr Peter Dawyndt (informatics)
Prof Dr Wim Bert (nematology) - substitute: Prof Dr Bart Braeckman
Prof Dr Marleen De Troch (marine and lacustrine sciences) - substitute: Prof Dr Ann Vanreusel
Prof Dr Els Goetghebeur (chair IPVW)
Prof Dr Koen Sabbe (biology) - substitute: Prof Dr Luc Lens
Prof Dr Savvas Savvides (biochemistry-biotechnology)
Prof Dr Lieven Clement (statistical data-analysis)
Prof Dr Nico Van de Weghe (geography) - substitute: Prof Dr Veerle Van Eetvelde
Prof Dr Michèle Vanmaele (mathematics)
Prof Dr Bartel Van Waeyenberge (physics and astronomy)

Assistant academic staff representatives

Dr Steffen Vanneste
Drs Felix Mattelaer

Non-voting acting members

Prof Dr Frank Witlox, director of the Doctoral School of Natural Sciences
Dr Dieter De Bruyn, Doctoral Schools Coordination Unit, secretary
Ms Mia Rousseau, Doctoral Schools Coordination Unit, secretary