Pulse survey December 2020 – Wellbeing actions taken


On wellbeing, we received 46 responses. Here’s some of what you told us in December and what we’re doing:

  • 58% of participants told us that COVID measures were having a negative impact on their work-life balance. We’ll be expanding our course offering on wellbeing and personal effectiveness.
  • 63% felt unable to attain research goals set before the pandemic, citing working from home and the lack of contact with colleagues as key drivers. We’ll be offering more writer development/peer network courses this year to help people find ways of engaging their peers and boosting their productivity.
  • Some of you are concerned about whether COVID measures are being respected in the workplace and flagged wider wellbeing concerns exacerbated by the isolation caused by consistently working from home. We’ve set up this wellbeing website to help you find support. Do speak to colleagues at Trustpunt@ugent.be if you need a listening ear. We’ll be drawing more data from their work into our central decision-making in future. For any specific concerns around COVID measures and how they are being implemented/followed, we strongly encourage you to get in touch with veiligheid@ugent.be or actueel@ugent.be.
  • Many of you were also worried and frustrated about (the lack of) decisions around funding arrangements and research commitments in light of COVID. While UGent can’t act on behalf of funding bodies, we recommend you get in touch using the information on this website.

Pulse surveys are intended to gauge indicative stakeholder concerns as they relate to Doctoral Schools matters only. They are not intended as comprehensive overviews of the topics being queried.