Procedures for reimbursement of costs

1. Apply for recognition by submitting the online form. The total amount of reimbursable courses is limited to three specialist courses and one transferable skills seminar (cluster Research & Valorization only).

2. Register for the course. Enrolment remains with the organizers.

3. Pay the registration fee. The PhD student (or his/her supervisor, department or employer) is responsible for advance payment of the course fee and related costs. In case of payment by the supervisor/department, an E- or D-account has to be used.

4. After completion of the course, reclaim the registration fee and related costs (if applicable). PhD students are required to hand in the following documents at the latest three months after completion of the course:

  • PDF file with the approved application for recognition
  • proof of successful participation
  • in case the registration fee was paid by the supervisor or department (Ghent University only): SAP proof of payment
  • in case the registration fee was paid by the employer (other than Ghent University): please contact Ms Naomi Wauters
  • in case the registration fee was paid by the PhD student :
    • original pieces of evidence for each of the expenses (+ bank statement for the registration fee)
    • completed form 'reclamation of costs by externals': Dutch version - English version (except for PhD students who are employed by Ghent University or have an FWO or IWT scholarship or work at VIB)

The documents have to be sent to the Doctoral Schools Office, Research Department, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, 9000 Gent,

For all questions about the reimbursement procedure, please get in touch directly with Ms Naomi Wauters, .

IMPORTANT: The documents should be sent to the Doctoral Schools Coordination Unit at the latest three months after successful completion of the course. Incomplete files will not be accepted.