Specialist Courses (Bioscience) Engineering

Specialist courses (co-)organised by the Doctoral School of (Bioscience) Engineering

Dates Organiser Subject

11-15 June 2018

Ghent University, Photonics Research group

ePIXfab Silicon Photonics Summer School

18-22 June 2018

Ghent University, Photonics Research group

Silicon Photonics Design, Technology and Applications

28-30 August 2018 @ Uppsala Sweden

U4 Network

U4 Summer School 'Materials for sustainable energy applications'

Registration by email to Gijs.Coucke@UGent.be

2-6 September 2018

Ghent University, KU Leuven, Université de Liège, Aachen University

PhD Summer School in Circular Economy

6, 7 & 10 September 2018

Ghent University, KU Leuven, UA

Digital PCR based nucleic acid quantification

17 + 18 September 2018

Ghent University & National Instruments

LabVIEW Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning

10-21 September 2018

Ghent University, UGAIN

Blue Growth Summerschool 2018

12, 13, 14 & 17 September 2018

Ghent University, Food2Know

Plunge into your Own Business Plan


Center for Nano- and Biophotonics, Ghent University

NB-Photonics – Multidisciplinary seminars


Ghent University Doctoral Schools & Biogazelle

qPCR course (to be announced)


Selection of other courses

PhD students who want to include one of the courses listed below or any other course in their Doctoral Training Programme are required to submit an application for recognition.

Dates Organiser Subject Registration
2018 UGain, UGent Module 1: Cursus R voor gevorderden (in Dutch) Organiser
2018 UGain, UGent Module2: Niet-parametrische methoden (in Dutch) Organiser
2018 UGain, UGent Module 3: Multivariate methoden (in Dutch) Organiser
2017-2018 VIB VIB Training Initiatives Organiser
2016-2017 I.C.M. (Intercollegiate Center for Management Science) Examination to enter the Doctoral Fellowship Program Organiser
17-21 September 2018 Ghent University, Department of Flow, heat and combustion mechanics Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics OASIS course code E040520
2017-2018 Ghent University Intellectual Property and Valorization OASIS course code I001967
2017-2018 Ghent University Doctoral Course on Experimental Validation Technique OASIS course code X000343


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