Opportunity Recognition Workshop iMinds

Target group

Members of the Doctoral School of (Bioscience) Engineering


All PhD students


Recognize and Maximize Your Research Potential

Understanding the full potential of your research – from a scientific, a societal and a business point of view – is crucial to pushing your results forward.
Through iMinds’ Opportunity Recognition workshops you will learn to look at your research from various strategic angles. We help you develop smart entrepreneurial and pre-business skills that will arm you to maximize the span and impact of your scientific expertise.

What We Offer

In this 3-day workshop, our experts and coaches will help you discover the multiple opportunities in your work. They will arm you with entrepreneurial savvy to bring your research to the next level.
You will learn to:
•    think outside the box
•    identify innovative solutions with economic and societal impact
•    use and apply smart techniques and methodologies in your own personal context.

The sessions are in English.


The program consists of 3 phases, each one focuses on a personalized approach.
1.    Pre-class virtual learning environment, where you will prepare theory and gear up for the practical classes (3 weeks prior to the workshop).
2.    Three-day workshop where hands-on coaching, exciting interaction, peer learning & review, and learning by doing complement your theoretical preparation.
3.    ½ day of individual coaching afterwards (optional)

Dates & Venue

1-2-3 June 2016 in 9000 Ghent (Oude Abdij)

14-15-16 November 2016 in 3600 Genk, C-Mine

Registrations are now open:



Trainers & Coaches

The teaching will be covered by university and iMinds staff. The coaching will be done by industry experts and entrepreneurs.


The confidentiality of the research will be guaranteed. External teaching staff or coaches will sign the NDA’s proposed by the tech transfer units of the participating universities or the Strategic Research Center.

Number of participants


Evaluation criteria (Doctoral Training Programme)

At the end of the programme, the participant will have to defend his case in front of a jury.

Registration fee

Participation is free.