Bioresource Recovery Seminars– putting the circular economy to action

Target group

This seminar series is targeted to visiting researchers and partner platforms linked to AUGent, and working under the umbrella of bioresource recovery.

Topic and theme

With the successful launch of the RE-Source platform during December’s Joint General Assembly on the Biobased Circular Economy Platforms, the cycle of scientific seminars will be focused on topics related to both bioressource recovery and the circular economy.

The overall seminar series aim at:
- bringing together experts from all disciplines across the AUGent (UGent, HoGent, Artevelde Hogeschool,  and HOWEST);
- fostering scientific collaboration as well (business) valorization that can flow from such collaborations.

The course will focus on both topics related to bioresource recovery and circular economy targeting various environmental fields such as energy, biomaterials, waste valorisation and water.
•    Waste to energy… and more
•    Sustainable design of biomaterials
•    Value chain assessment of biowaste valorization into resources
•    Nutrient recycling and primary resource substitution
•    Joint seminar from the WGs “Water Recovery” and “Biochemicals”
•    Joint seminar of all Working Groups*


By attending our series of seminars, PhD. students and young researchers will gain a unique learning experience and up-to date information on research and novelties in the waste recovery field. More specifically, the seminars will emphasise on different fields such as:

a) water recovery;

b) value chain assessment; 

c) biomaterials and design;

d) nutrient recycling; e) socio-technical system innovation.

It will give them as well the opportunity to become research-active and get a chance to meet and interact with similar researchers with the same interest as well as most renowned experts coming from both research and industry field working under the umbrella of environment and more specifically within the waste recovery field.
Dedicated experts will bring the top information on the novel approach in the conversion of the waste streams through thermal, catalytic and bio-based processes into valuable energy products as well as useful feedstocks.

Dates & Programme

  • 1st Seminar:  13/3/2020, Waste to energy… and more:

Campus Coupure, Prof. Frederik Ronsse and Prof Erik Meers - Registration:

  • 2nd Seminar:   21/4/2020, Sustainable design of biomaterials

Campus Schoonmeersen, Prof. Jelle Saldien and Prof. Dries Van Steenkiste

  • 3rd Seminar:  2/7/2020, Nutrient recycling and primary resource substitution*

Campus Coupure, Stefaan de Neve and Prof Erik Meers

  • 4th Seminar:   Spring 2020, Value chain assessment of biowaste valorization into resources

Campus Coupure, Prof. Jeroen Buysse

  • 5th Seminar:  Autumn 2020, Joint seminar from the WGs “Water Recovery” and “Biochemicals”

Campus Kortrijk, Prof. Katleen Raes, Prof. Wim Vyverman, Prof. Imca Sampers and Prof. Geert Janssens.

  • 6st Seminar:  Winter 2020, Joint seminar of all Working Groups*

Campus Coupure, Prof Erik Meers

*Linked to social event afterwards


A registration link will be put online for each seminar separately (see programme above)

Teaching methods

The seminars will be taught by power point presentations provided by key seniors. Teaching materials will be available to the participants and will be disseminated afterwards. In addition, doctoral students and young researchers can have the chance to present their work into the public. 

Evaluation criteria (doctoral training programme)

  • Attendance to at least 5 of the organised seminars in the series (attendance list)
  • Active participation in the seminars
  • Give a presentation in at least one of the seminars

Number of participants

35 to 100