H-Impact is an international program designed to develop innovational & entrepreneurial knowledge, skills & attitude in the healthcare sector. By using real-life challenges coming from healthcare, learners from different backgrounds (healthcare, engineering, sciences, …) & with different profiles (students, researchers & professionals) work in teams in order to find necessary & innovative solutions with a high impact, being able to develop attitude, knowledge and skills to continue as an intra- or entrepreneur.

Target audience

We target professionals, students and researchers from various backgrounds with an interest in intra- and entrepreneurship in health. Participants will be selected based on their resume and a motivation video.

Topic of the course

The program covers different topics and skills linked to intra- en entrepreneurship in healthcare. It contains of 5 modules:
- Module 0: course information (coaches, program challenges, competencies, evaluation, …)
- Module 1: Innovation process (design thinking, lean startup, user centered design, …)
- Module 2: Value proposition (canvas, persona’s customer discovery, competition, …)
- Module 3: Product / service (prototyping, customer journey, IP, GDPR, clinical trials, ….)
- Module 4: Business model (Business Model H canvas, differentiation, finance, lean pricing, …)
- Module 5: Pitching (NABC, Storytelling, Pitching, …)
During the whole program the participants apply the theory on a team challenge which is provided by industry. During the kick-off and closing weekend we provide workshops on brainstorming, lean startup, design thinking, prototyping, pitching, ….

Objectives of the course

We have a list of 49 detailed competences, based on the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. Below you can find a summary:
Ideas & opportunities: spotting opportunities, creativity, vision, valuing ideas, ethical & sustainable thinking
Resources: self-awareness & self-efficacy, motivation & perseverance, mobilising resources, financial & economic literacy, mobilising others
Into action: taking initiative, planning & management, coping with ambiguity, uncertainty & risk, working with others, learning through experience


  • Ellen Bruyninckx

Affiliation: Universiteit Gent – DO!
Contact details: ellen.bruyninckx@ugent.be
Ellen Bruyninckx has a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy and a Master Of Science in Orthopedagogics. She founded several companies in healthcare such as Inrol (architecture for lifelong living), Ergopraktijk.be (courses for occupational therapists) and she was active for several years as an occupational therapist. She has a strong interest in (healthcare) innovation, entrepreneurship and pedagogics.

  • Jolien Coenraets

Affiliation: Universiteit Gent – DO!
Contact details: Jolien.coenraets@ugent.be
Jolien Coenraets has a Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering. During her studies she started several companies, including an app development company focused on wellbeing. She switched to a job at Ghent University where she has been involved in teaching activities on entrepreneurial topics since 2012. She has a strong interest in teaching lean methodologies and a blended approach.

  • Maarten Van Gorp

Affiliation: Universiteit Gent – DO!
Contact details: maarten@bhic.care
Maarten Van Gorp has a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy and a Master of Entrepreneurship. He worked for a year at Ghent University DO! to start the community work and is now active as a manager for the Ghent region for BlueHealth Innovation Center. He has a strong network in healthcare in Ghent and the wider Flemish region and is passionate about healthcare innovation.

Other lecturers for the online modules

- Prof. Dr. Tessa Kerre – Ghent University
- Prof. Dr. Petra Andries – Ghent University
- Prof. Dr. Lieven Annemans – Ghent University
- Lieselot Burggraeve – HIRUZ Ghent University Hospital
- Magali Feys – Acontrario
- Arnaud Dierickx – USentric
- Sofie Staelraeve – Dashplus
- Elise Carton – PwC
- Tom Braekeleirs – BlueHealth Innovation Center

Tentative programme

- Beginning of March: subscriptions open
- 14 June 2020: subscription close
- Beginning of July: contact participants to let them know they are / are not selected
- 14 September 2020: online program starts
- 1 – 4 October 2020: Kick-off weekend
- 2 October 2020: trip to Rotterdam for Create 4 Care workshop
- September – October – November – December 2020: online program activities
- 5 – 7 December 2020: closing weekend
- 7 December 2020: final pitch event @ Roche

Venue: The Foundry, Jozef Kluyskensstraat 31, 9000 Gent. One site visit to Rotterdam (Erasmus MC)


see application process on website: https://www.h-impact.be/

Teaching methods

- Hands-on workshops and exercises during weekends
- Coaching sessions
- Online content to go through + guest lectures
- Homework on the team challenge

Evaluation criteria (Doctoral Training Programme)

Pass the evaluation at the end of the program, based on personal reflections, pitch presentation, progress made during the program and jury.
Teaching material that will be available to the participants: learning track on Ufora including video’s, text, reference materials, handouts of the workshops and sessions