NB-Photonics – Multidisciplinary Seminars 2016-2017

Target group

Members of the Doctoral Schools of Natural Sciences, (Bioscience) Engineering and Life Sciences and Medicine. The seminars are open for all people involved in NB-photonics. The intended participant numbers are 50 or more per seminar.


All PhD students

Format and Aim of the Seminars

The two-hour (exceptionally more than two hours) seminars are organized on a monthly basis and cover a variety of multidisciplinary subjects crossing the fields of photonics, life sciences and nano-sciences. All speakers, national and international, are highly specialized in their field but are asked to give a lecture with a tutorial character. Each of the seminars has a unique focus, but all are based on the latest developments in their fields and therefore represent state-of-the-art research advances at the crossroads of photonics, nanosciences and biology.

NB-Photonics aims at breaking down barriers between traditionally separated disciplines and recognize the seminar series as a key tool for scientific cross-fertilization. The course also helps students with different backgrounds (ranging from engineering to material science to pharmaceutical sciences) to understand each other's scientific language, which is a crucial step in multidisciplinary science.

Tentative programme 2016-2017 (11 seminars)

- Friday September 9, 2016: L.C. Chien, Kent State University (USA), on displays
- Friday October 7, 2016: NB-Photonics annual meeting with keynote speaker Kobus Kuipers, TU Delft (The Netherlands), on nano-optics
- Friday November 4, 2016: Bjorn Maes, University of Mons, on nanostructures
- Friday December 2, 2016: Niels Quack, EPFL (Switzerland) on MEMS and integrated photonics
- Friday February 3, 2017: Matthias Vanwolleghem, IEMN (France), on terahertz photonics
- Friday March 3, 2017: Jef Poortmans, imec, on trends in solar technologies
- Friday April 7, 2017: Peter Cirkel, TP Vision, on recent developments in the display industry
- Friday May 7, 2017: Stefan Maier, Imperial College London (UK), on experimental solid state physics
- Friday June 2, 2017: Ronnie Belmans, KU Leuven and Energyville, on energy
- Friday July 7, 2017: Nikos Karafolas, ESA (The Netherlands), on photonics for telecommunication satellite payloads

Programme is subject to change.

More information and registration: Center for Nano- and Biophotonics



Evaluation criteria (doctoral training programme)

Doctoral students are required to attend at least 7 seminars (the NB-photonics annual meeting counts for 2)

Registration fee

Free of charge for members of the Ghent University Doctoral Schools

Contact person

Please contact Dr. Richard
iGent, Technologiepark Zwijnaarde 15, 9052 Gent
T: 092643333 / 0470656404

Prof. Roel Baets

T: 092643329