Technological innovation in mental and public health

Target group

PhD students of the Doctoral School of Social and Behavioural Sciences


PhD researchers from several disciplines in the social and medical sciences.


  • Leentje Vervoort, Department of Developmental, Personality and Social Psychology (contact person)

Phone: +32 (0)9 264 64 22

  • Prof Dr. Caroline Braet, Department of Developmental, Personality and Social Psychology

Phone: +32 (0)9 264 64 16


This two-day course provides an international perspective on the usability of technological innovations (e.g. e-health, e-mental health, gamification, wearables, virtual reality, ...) and, more specific, on using technology to study health, theory-driven intervention design, research on feasibility and implementation of innovative interventions, as well as on the usability for clinical practice and public health.


The course encompasses three components.
•             First, a methodological discussion, outlining the challenges and opportunities in using innovative technology, will be presented.
•             Secondly, a more applied component will be provided, including applications of technological innovations to the study and treatment of mental and public health.
•             Thirdly, a related research component in the form of a seminar will be conducted. In this part, participating researchers will present a 60 seconds movie clip on how innovative technologies can be used in their own research. There will be a plenary discussion on these research ideas.

Dates - Venue - Programme

  • Monday-Tuesday April 10-11th at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, H. Dunantlaan 2, room 5.1 (5th floor)

Day 1: April 10, 2017
•             9.30-10.00: General Introduction: Technology and innovation in mental and public health (Dr. Leentje Vervoort)
•             10.00-12.30: Using technology to study Anxiety (Dr. Wolf-Gero Lange): past and current research of the guest speaker
•             12.30-13.30: lunch (sandwiches)
•             13.30-14.30: Virtual Reality: promises and challenges (Dr. Wolf-Gero Lange): past and current research of the guest speaker
•             14.30-17.00: Science, Technology and Society (Dr. Tom Van Daele): past and current activities of the guest speaker, with focus on implementation and valorisation
Day 2: April 11, 2017
•             9.30-12.00: The use of games and apps in public health promotion (Dr. Wendy Van Lippevelde)
•             12.00-13.00: lunch (sandwiches)
•             13.00-17.30: Research seminar in which participants present the applicability of innovative technology their own research (using 60 second movie clips), after which plenary discussion will be opened (guest speakers as panel).



Registration fee

Free of charge for members of the Ghent University Doctoral Schools

More information & registration

You can register through before April, 8th.

Participants will have to make a 1 minute elevator pitch movie clip in which they discuss how technological innovations can be incorporated in their own research. Movie clips can be made by using an online do-it-yourself animation video maker (e.g. powtoon, moovly or animaker). The clips should be posted on YouTube and the link to the clip needs to be mailed to the contact person no later than April, 3th. Participants will have to make a report (max. 1A4) of the discussion points that emerge throughout the course (and send it to the contact person ).


Full participation and attendance at the course