Introduction Day for new PhD students 2017 - workshops


How to register your publications in Biblio & how to write a data management plan? (Ms Inge Van Nieuwerburgh & Dr Myriam Mertens)

How to register your publications in Biblio? (Inge Van Nieuwerburgh)

The academic bibliography provides the whole world with an overview of research publications at Ghent University. Researchers can register and upload their publications, enrich the information with data, project information, etc.

This workshops shows you how to register your publications and how to take optimal advantage of the resulting lists.

How to write a data management plan (Myriam Mertens)

This part of the workshop will introduce doctoral students to some general RDM basics. It will explain how the concept of the research data lifecycle can help them to integrate data management into their research process, and how they can fully realise the benefits of RDM by starting with data management planning.

This workshop is primarily aimed at students with little prior knowledge of data management issues. They will learn what a data management plan (DMP) is, and will have a chance to start drafting a plan for their own research projects using an online tool provided by the University Library.

Impact is Coming (Ms Esther Desmet, Senior Policy Advisor Research & Curator of @ResearchUGent)

The cold steep Wall of Academia seems to have been guarded for many years now. Once in a while some find the cracks or hidden exits. But you still feel that you know nothing and that a scientist should always pay his debts.

Despair no longer – help is at hand. Join Esther for a workshop that will take you on a quest discovering how your research can make a difference for the realms of men. Learn who is friend or foe. Choose your weapons and awake the social dragon within you.

Because impact is coming.

Want to become R.I.Ch. fast? (Dr Katrien De Gelder & Dr Dieter De Bruyn)

In order to maintain and improve integrity in everyday research practice, the focus at Ghent University is primarily on promotion of good research practices and prevention of questionable research practices, rather than on excessively elaborating upon rare examples of serious misconduct.

In this workshop you will learn to recognise the various pitfalls researchers may encounter, discover the many resources that are in place to better respond to red flags, and as a result act more confidently when research integrity comes under pressure.

Increase your awareness, use basic tips and tricks, and become a real Research Integrity Champion!