Handling your fear of failure


Leadership & Personal Efficiency

Target group

Members of the Doctoral Schools


All PhD students


Fear of failure is a common, but challenging phenomenon during the PhD process. It can cause severe stress, negatively influence your wellbeing and limit the chances to successfully complete your PhD . This session is specifically designed to help PhD candidates in finding ways to cope with their own fear of failure.

Firstly, we take a closer look at the expression and origins of fear of failure, with the aim to increase the awareness of your own fear of failure.

Next, we give tips and advice on how enhance acceptance of your fear of failure and on how to cope with it. 

In the weeks prior to the session, the attendants will receive some small preparatory questions (appetizers), which will be further discussed in the session.


-    Increased awareness of the PhD-candidate’s own fear of failure.

-    Increasing the knowledge on how to deal with fear of failure


Fear of failure can signify a major obstacle to successfully finishing one’s PhD and negatively influence PhD candidates’ wellbeing. By enhancing awareness of one’s own fear of failure and learning coping skills to deal with this problem, we aim to make PhD-candidates more resilient towards coping with this problem. The course is specifically designed for PhD candidates and reaches tools to tackle this issue by themselves. The course might also lower the threshold for seeking effective professional help if needed.


Name: Adinda Dujardin    
Affiliation: Ghent University – collaborator at Trustpunt    
Contact details:

Adinda Dujardin is a confidential counsellor at Trustpunt, within the department of Psychosocial Wellbeing of Ghent University. She is experienced as a student counsellor in higher education, and as a confidential counsellor working particularly with PhD-candidates with fear of failure, perfectionism, and/or procrastination.
She obtains a Master degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Educational Science. Apart from that, she is qualified as a first-line psychologist, teacher, and confidential counsellor.

Time schedule

Thursday afternoon 26 November 2020, from 13:00 till 16:30 - DIGITAL session

Registration fee

Free of charge for members of the Doctoral Schools. The no show policy applies: no-show policy UGent


Your registration will be confirmed by a separate message from the Doctoral Schools. Please read the cancellation policy: cancellationpolicycourses

Teaching methods

Interactive digital session, with room for discussion and exchange of experiences.

In the weeks prior to the session, the attendants will receive some small preparatory questions (appetizers), which will be further discussed in the session.

Number of participants

Maximum 15



Evaluation criteria (doctoral training programme)

100% attendance, active participation