Managing my PhD

Cluster Career management

Target group

Members of the Doctoral Schools


All PhD students

Key words

Project management, planning, stakeholders, influencing, self management, communication


In order to be successful in your PhD, you need to be able to “manage” your project, yourself and your environment. In this course we work on all of these 3 pillars. At the end of this training, you will be able to:
•    define the scope of your research project and to assess possible risks and opportunities
•    make a realistic and efficient long term project planning using so-called milestones
•    continuously and consciously use this project planning as a flexibel and goal reaching tool and as a basis for short term monthly and weekly activity planning
•    identify from the beginning of your project all relevant stakeholders and to influence them proactively and reactively
•    adapt the way you communicate and report about your project to the needs, interests and expectations of your project partner
•    set priorities in your daily tasks and responsibilities (self management)
•    deal in a resilient manner with setbacks and difficulties in your project


The course consists of 4 sessions, each of a half day, with intervals between the sessions of 2 to 3 weeks. During these interval periods the participants learn to use the insights, tools and tips&tricks in the real life context of  their PhD project.

Session 1:
•    project management versus routine and improvisation
•    different kinds of projects
•    the bermuda triangle: scope, resources and timing
•    the benefits of using a project charter

Session 2:
•    milestone planning
•    self management
•    being efficient: getting things done
•    being effective: setting priorities

Session 3:
•    model of situational influencing
•    your preferred influencing style
•    behavior calls for behavior
•    going for a win-win in difficult situations

Session 4:
•    stakeholder analysis and management
•    developing a communication plan
•    integration of all learned lessons in the PhD project


Tom Dewettinck, True Colours

Time schedule & Venue

No course planned

Registration fee

Free of charge for Doctoral School members

Registration procedure

Please follow this link:

Number of participants

Maximum 14




Evaluation methods and criteria (doctoral training programme)

100% participation in all 4 sessions