Meeting skills


Leadership & Personal efficiency

Target group

Members of the Doctoral Schools


All PhD students

Key words

Solutions focus, communication skills, assertiveness, communication styles, teamwork


A 2-day programme in which we gradually explore the different stages of the process of organizing effective meetings.

Basically we can will distinguish 3 stages: before, during and after the meeting.

After collecting the experiences of the participants with the subject we discuss the prerequisites for organizing a meeting. We explore the setting, the agenda, the roles and procedures and their possible application in real life situations. In an interactive way the participants experience how they can improve the outcome and the group process. A meeting is a task oriented team work with all its complexity. ‘A camel is a horse designed by a committee’. This training is experienced based learning; active participation is logically assumed.

The trainees will also leave with a practical toolbox of techniques how they can improve the meetings in which they participate.

Before the training the participants receive a questionnaire to reflect on their expectations and learning points for the training.


Johan De Bruycker - BCC HR Management - 9050 Gent

Time schedule & Venue

Course code Dates 2020-2021
Time (1 course = 2 days)

Registration fee

Free of charge for Doctoral School members. The no show policy applies: no-show policy UGent


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Evaluation methods and criteria (doctoral training programme)

Active participation