Advanced Academic English: Presentation Skills in English


Communication Skills

Target group

Members of the Doctoral Schools


Advanced knowledge of English. The language itself should not form a hurdle when presenting. The module "English Proficiency For Presentations" can act as a linguistic preparation to this course if necessary.


Participants learn how to hold a well-structured presentation which will be tailored to and leave an impression on its target audience.


This module of the Conference Skills trajectory investigates the necessary skills for a successful academic presentation. It tackles the following topics:

  • Preparing a presentation: pitching your project + tailoring your talk to the intended audience
  • Structuring a presentation: guidelines for a proper introduction, body and conclusion
  • Delivering a presentation: focus on vocal control and body language

Authentic footage is used to trigger class discussions. These will lead to guidelines which are implemented in interactive presentation tasks.

Placement test: No

Time schedule & Venue

Course code

Dates     (1 course = 4 x 3 hours) Time

Teaching room/Venue


on following dates:

Fridays 27 March + 3 + 24 April + 8 May 2020

replaced by:

Fridays 8 + 15 + 22 + 29 May + 5 June 2020


from 9:30 - 12:30


from 9:30 - 12:30


Room Veyrac 8 (3rd fl), University Language Center, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 136, Gent




on following dates:

Wednesdays 13 + 20 + 27 May + 3 June 2020


from 9:00 - 12:00




Note: Please bring your own refreshments. The Doctoral Schools don’t provide these unless mentioned otherwise.

Registration procedure

You can not register for this course if you have already followed the course 'Advanced Academic English: Conference Skills'.

Register by following this link:  Your subscription will be confirmed by separate e-mail from the Doctoral Schools.

If the course is fully booked, you can request by e-mail to to be added to the waiting list. Please mention your ID student nr.

Registration fee

Free of charge for the members of the Doctoral Schools.

Evaluation criteria (doctoral training programme)

During the final class, the participants hold a short presentation on their research topic for an educated lay audience. They will be evaluated with a specific focus on structure and delivery of their presentation. This course counts as 1 transferable skills training in the cluster Communication skills.