Research Data Management: a practical training course

Cluster Research & Valorization

Target Group

Members of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences


All PhD students


This in-depth course will help doctoral students to develop their knowledge and practical skills in handling and managing the research data they produce. Thorough data management is an essential part of the research process and contributes to the quality of research data. It incites researchers to be organised and plan their work. This is important not only from an organisational and collaborative point of view, but also in terms of scientific integrity (transparency of methods, reproducibility, verifiability and reusability). On top of that, adhering a good research data management strategy meets the increasing demands of research funders. Within our university the topic also gains attention and with different faculties taking initiatives like data management planning and data storage fact sheets.

The lectures include presentations illustrated with best practices or demos of practical examples. Additionally, but depending on time constraints, there will be exercises and discussions based on real-case examples.

The following topics will be covered::

    - Introduction: Why and how to manage research data
    - Planning: How to plan your research data management and write a data management plan?
    - Documenting: How to make research data and data processing understandable and reusable?
    - Storage: Strategies for storing data during and after the project.
    - Security: How to safeguard your data?
    - Organisation & structure: Strategies for naming, organising and structuring your data files.
    - Sharing research data: How to share research data? Introduction to open access and open science.
    - Ethical and legal issues in data sharing and handling confidential information.

Time schedule & Venue

Monday December 14, 2015 from 9:00-18:00 - PC klas 1 - H. Dunantlaan 1

Registration fee

Free of charge for Doctoral School members

Registration procedure

Register following this link:

Number of participants

Maximum 25


In the presence of non-Dutch speakers, the language of instruction will be English.

Contact information

Jan Lammertyn
Faculteit Psychologie en Pedagogische Wetenschappen
Henri Dunantlaan 1, 9000 Gent
Tel.: 09/264.63.49