Programme structure


The Ghent University Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) is structured as follows:

Minimum set
Maximum set Compulsory programme
Specialist courses 3 courses max. 3 additional courses max. 3 courses
(regular course units) max. 30 ETCS in course units max. 30 ECTS in course units
Transferable skills 3 seminars (different clusters*) max. 3 additional seminars max. 3 seminars
Conferences 3 presentations/posters max. 3 presentations/posters
Publication 1 article/chapter/book max. 1 article/chapter/book
Progress report annually annually
Defence yes
= certificate of the DTP = additional activities = to be allowed to defend

* Communication skills, Research & Valorization, Leadership & Personal efficiency, Career management

Certificate of the Doctoral Training Programme

PhD students seeking to obtain the certificate of the Doctoral Training Programme are required to complete the minimum set of activities, i.e. three specialist courses, three transferable skills seminars (out of three different clusters), three conference contributions, one publication, the annual progress reports and the doctoral defence.

Most PhD students (with the exception of those for whom the programme is compulsory) can freely choose courses relevant for the development of their research and their (research) career. In the minimum set of the Doctoral Training Programme, PhD students can include courses organised by the Ghent University Doctoral Schools, as well as courses organised by other institutions and/or regular course units (master and above).

The research component of the Doctoral Training Programme allows PhD students to showcase their most representative research output (publication and presentations).

Compulsory programme

Faculties are allowed to render (part of) the Doctoral Training Programme compulsory, although certain restrictions have to be observed (cf. the right column of the overview).

Additional activities

PhD students are allowed to include additional courses (either specialist courses or transferable skills seminars) in their curriculum. The maximum set of activities can include courses organised by the Ghent University Doctoral Schools (max. 3 specialist courses and max. 3 transferable skills seminars) and/or up to 30 ECTS in regular course units (bachelor and above).

Additional research activities and courses exceeding the maximum set should be included in the individual cv.

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