Guidelines for submitting the curriculum for final evaluation

PhD students who have a compulsory programme or who want to obtain the certificate of the Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) need to submit their curriculum for final evaluation when finishing their PhD thesis. PhD students are requested to do this 20 working days prior to the faculty board meeting deciding upon admittance to the doctoral exam. Items that will be checked at this point are the three conference contributions, as well as the doctoral defence.

REMARK: Should the public defence be scheduled in the following academic year, it is advisable to re-enrol before submitting the curriculum for final evaluation. Please submit the annual self-reflection report as soon as possible, re-enrol and immediately submit the curriculum for final evaluation. In case of doubt (e.g. the faculty board meeting is scheduled in June or early July), please contact the Doctoral Schools Office (

(1) Log in to OASIS and select ‘Edit curriculum’ for the current academic year (in the left margin)

Manage 1

REMARK: Should you wish to check the current state of your curriculum, select your Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) and click 'Print curriculum'. When clicking 'Curriculum' (right margin of the DTP box) you may not always get the full overview of your completed courses.

(2) Check whether the status of your curriculum for the DTP is ‘Draft’ (‘Ontwerp’) and select ‘Curriculum’ (right margin). In case the status is marked differently, please contact the Doctoral Schools Office ( to change the status. Otherwise you will not be able to update your curriculum.


(3) Select ‘Edit this year’s curriculum’.


(4) Select the module ‘Doctoral Training: Skills Training and Research-Related Activities’, and then select ‘2.4 Doctoral Defence’ (X000003). Click the green plus sign to add the actual ‘Doctoral Defence'.


(5) Select ‘2.1 Research Related Activities’ and add the course ‘Publication and/or Conference Contributions’ (X000001) by clicking the green plus sign.


REMARK: We strongly recommend that the required conference contributions be added only when submitting your curriculum for final evaluation. Only at this point you will be able to select your three most prestigious conference contributions. In case you already added research related activities, you will now have to add the remaining conferences only.

(6) To include the conference contributions, first of all select ‘Documents’ in the column 'This year's curriculum'.


(7) Select ‘new’, specify the type (conference), and provide the necessary metadata. Please be careful when specifying the metadata (cf. the examples below). You do not have to link any additional documents (e.g. the conference programme, etc.) to the added items. You can add the three required conference contributions to one single X000001 course. Do not forget to save all new items separately.




(8) Proceed to ‘View entire curriculum’ for final inspection. The status of the courses X000001 and X000003 that you have just added will be ‘Draft’ (‘Ontwerp’). The status of all previously added courses for the current academic year should be either marked as ‘Approved’ (‘Goedgekeurd’) or left undefined.


(9) Save and close the pop-up screen, and go back to ‘Complete curriculum for academic year 20xx-20xx’. In order to check the current state of your curriculum, select your DTP and click the button 'Print curriculum'.


(10) Select the DTP and click ‘Submit for approval’.


(11) Should you wish to add a comment before submitting your curriculum, you can do so in the available comment window (optional). Then click 'Continue curriculum submission'.


(12) You will notice that the status of your curriculum as well as the newly added courses has changed to ‘Proposal’ (‘Voorstel’). Both your supervisor and Doctoral School director will now give their advice on your entire curriculum. You can check whether or not an advice has been added by clicking ‘History’.


(13) The Doctoral Schools Office will now check your curriculum and the advice, and if all requirements have been fulfilled, send the advice regarding the compulsory programme and/or the certificate to the student administration of your faculty. You will receive a copy of this e-mail. From then on, your will have to contact your faculty student administration (FSA) for further questions.

(14) Please note that the certificate itself will be provided (either by mail or on the occasion of the public defence) by the central student administration, whereas the supplement to the certificate will be provided by the student administration of your faculty.