Dieter Bruggeman

Doctoral Student


Dieter Bruggeman (°1989) graduated as a MSc in engineering: architecture at KU Leuven in 2012. His master dissertation was titled Heterotopia after Civil War, A Case Study on Beirut and was supervised by prof. Lieven De Cauter and prof. Jihane Sfeir (ULB). 

In April 2013 Dieter started as a doctoral researcher at the department of Architecture and Urbanism at UGent in the project Modular Patterns in the Horizontal City promoted by prof. Michiel Dehaene. He researches the reciprocal and dynamical relation between the laying out of utility networks (such as for the distribution of electricity, tap water, gas or the sewerage system) and the urbanisation of Flanders from an historical perspective. His research is an attempt to construct a nuanced conception of the territorial logics that drive the Flemish ‘nebulous city’. Research into these logics wants to unveil the chances and constraints for the nebulous city’s future sustainable development.