Klaas Calle

Scientific staff FWO
+32 (0)9 264 35 71


Klaas Calle graduated with great distinction in Juli 2015 as Master of Science in Engineering: Architecture (Architectural Design and Construction Techniques) at Ghent University. For his master dissertation, he developed a calculation model to investigate the cost effectiveness of façade renovations of residential high-rise buildings. The model is based on Pareto-optimization. Since September 2015, on the invitation of his promoter (Prof. N. Van Den Bossche), Klaas has been a member of the research group Building Physics, Construction and Climate Control. At the end of 2015, in consultation with Prof. Van Den Bossche, Klaas decided to shift his research domain from cost optimization to the hygrothermal behavior of historic masonry. This ambition was written down in a doctoral research proposal and submitted to the IWT (Institute for Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders). His application was approved and in January 2016 Klaas started his PhD with the title "Renovation of historic façades: rescue or the kiss of death?" More information about his research can be found here.