Nele De Raedt

Post-Doctoral Assistant
+32 (0)9 264 94 70


In July 2011 Nele De Raedt received her master’s degree of Science in Engineering: Architecture (Architecture and Urban Design) at Ghent University. While doing an Erasmus exchange at the Faculty of Architecture of Ludovico Quaroni and Valle Giulia in Rome (Università della Sapienza) she worked on her master’s thesis on “City-culture and public space in Rome: The contrast between Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza Farnese.” From Oct. 2011 until Oct. 2012 she worked as an engineer-architect for the architecture office Urban Platform cvba. Since November of that same year, Nele has been working on her PhD project called “Social codes and practices in relation to Renaissance architecture and architectural theory: the impact of the culture of honour on the literary and built form of the Renaissance palazzo” under the supervision of prof. Maarten Delbeke. During this period she participated in several workshops and summer schools. (among others: OSK PhD Seminar “Paradigms in Art and Architectural History” organised by the Dutch Post Graduate School for Art History (OSK). “Court Residences as Places of Exchange in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (II)” organised by the ESF Research Networking Programme PALATIUM and Fundación Carlos de Amberes Madrid. “Resources and Techniques for the Study of Renaissance and Early Modern Culture” organised by the Warburg Institute and University of Warwick London.) In Jan. and Feb. 2014 she spent two months working at the Belgian Academy in Rome, thanks to the Stipendia Academiae Belgicae.

Apart from her research, Nele has been working as a tutor in the department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Ghent University. (courses: Architectural Design 1 / Architectural Theory 1/ Design Practice 1). Since Feb. 2013 Nele has also been working as the Editorial Assistant for Architectural Histories, the open access journal of the EAHN.

In 2015 she will be working at the KHI in the research group on Ethics and Architecture, led by Hana Gründler and Brigitte Sölch with Alessandro Nova.

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