Tilke Devriese

Assisting academic staff

Tilke Devriese (°1989) obtained her degree in 2012 as Master of science: Architecture at Ghent University. She was selected by the department to participate in the design competition ‘Meesterproef’ organised by Team Vlaams Bouwmeester. She collaborated on a research project by Labo A at Ghent University and gained experience as architect. After that, she worked for seven years fulltime as stability engineer. In 2018 and 2019 she achieved credits for several courses from the programme for civil engineering.

Tilke started in 2020 as assistant for the department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Ghent University. Her PhD-research starts from the thesis that engineers in their work as well go through a design process, and studies how this relates to the architect’s work in collaborations. She zooms in on the engineer’s position in and their contribution to design teams, starting from design competitions, within the framework of contemporary architectural production in Flanders. As assistant, she gives guidance in design ateliers and at ‘special topics’ and supervises several masterthesises.