Birds in residence

Design a residence for birds, a pavilion for a species of birds of the student’s own choice, on the Square Flagey in Brussels. The choice for the species is first motivated, then the characteristics of that particular bird are explored and from that, the requirements for the pavilion are being identified.

The pavilion will have two functional ‘poles’, meaning: it needs to possess a service entrance for the birds attendant, as well as a more representative side which is directed towards the public. In this exercise, the typology of the pavilion is turned around; it is applied to an animal, humans do not enter the pavilion. Yet, it exists in the first place for the man and women who watch from the outside into the cage, and marvel at the spectacle of the animal in its artificial habitat.

Education: Bachelor 1 Design Studio
Academic year: 2010 / 2011
Teachers: Guy Chatel and Kim De Raedt