Design strategies for nearly-zero-energy dwellings

ontwerprichtlijnen-voor-bijna-energieneutrale-gebouwenBecause the European Commission demands that, by 2021, all new constructions are nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB), the Flemish Government had to tighten the energy performance of buildings (EPB) requirements. The students researched what building envelope and system characteristics are needed to meet those requirements.
Each group of students focused on a different housing typology (apartments, detached, semi-detached and terraced houses with different numbers of bedrooms) for which they generated 1000 geometrical models. This resulted in a set of models that is representative for the new Flemish homes regarding size, compactness etc. A BIM-tool developed by the supervisors automated this modelling and simulation process. It calculates official EPB-values as well as more realistic estimations of the energy use for different user profiles. This made the students understand the difference between improved official energy performance levels and a realistic energy savings.

Using a building information modelling approach for teaching about residential energy use and official energy performance
Enrichment of single-zone EPB-data into multi-zone models using BIM-based parametric typologies
Chapter 7: Multi-zone parametric typologies

Academic year: 2013 / 2014
Arnold Janssens, Marc Delghust and Tiemen Strobbe


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