Everyday urbanism

Alledaagse stedenbouwThe Dampoort site in Ghent is a wasteland at the frontiers of the urban texture. The students were asked to establish a ‘textual urban design’ for this neighbourhood full of potentials, an ‘everyday urbanism’ project. The final result of the students’ work consisted of a book with the outcomes of their research, the brainstorm sessions, the thinktanks and drawing and writing seminars. A mixture of divers media was used to get a grip on the site.

The students followed their own way. Maybe they deviated from the first assignment, or maybe not. Their work offers an image of the potentials which are hidden on the Dampoort site, under the weathering of the facades and the rust on the cranes and boats. The collective closing discussion is transcribed and opens the book as an introduction to its highly original track, its impulsive work, its paper drift in the city.

Alledaagse stedenbouw – Sound of the Dam
Alledaagse stedenbouw – Gent-Dampoort dérive

Academic year: 2012 / 2013
Pieter Uyttenhove


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