Insulating existing houses: case-study analysis

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution for improving the energy performance of existing houses. The design, technical properties and condition of the building will influence the possible renovation strategies.

Each group (13) of two students worked on a different case-study house from the IWT TETRA research project on retrofit cavity wall insulation. The available data consisted of the plans of the houses, real energy use data, monitoring data on the indoor and outdoor environment, and measured data on the building envelope (air tightness, heat-flux, surface temperature and infra-red measurements). Based on their analysis of this data, the students developed two energy renovation scenarios for their building: a 'pragmatic' renovation and a 'low energy' renovation. They evaluated and compared their scenarios based on energy performance calculations, using the official Flemish EPB-software, and on thermal bridge analyses, using 3D simulation software (Trisco).


Education: Advanced Topics
Academic year: 2008 / 2009
Teachers: Arnold Janssens en Marc Delghust