KeizersparkAfter having spent the first term on conventions of the plan, the second term was devoted to experiments with the map.

First-year bachelor students were asked to produce three maps of an existing site in Ghent: the peninsula ‘Keizerspark’, on the border between Ghent and Ledeberg. Each map focused on one aspect of the visual space: architecture, landscape, and infrastructure. To give direction to these drawings, the students were asked to select a ready-made (architectural, landscape or infrastructural element) from a given catalogue and position it on the site. The buildings, landscape and infrastructural elements provided the maps with a specific focus, and directed them towards a proper graphical technique. Thanks to the large format of the map (A0), it became possible to experiment with a wide variety of techniques. In the final document, all expertise and knowledge were brought together on one conclusive map.

Academic year: 2013 / 2014
Kris Coremans, Nele De Raedt, Bert Gellynck en Bart Melort.


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