Voronoi sculpture

voronoi sculptuurThe exercise focuses upon modelling techniques for complex surfaces models, by using Rhinoceros software. The outcome of this exercise is a rapid prototyping model, rendered stills and a rendered animation movie. The tool used for this rendering assignment is the Mental Ray engine for 3DS Max. 

As a starting point the students are provided with a wireframe model of a three-dimensional voronoi space partitioning, with the same amount of cells as student groups. By using the tools mentioned above and having made a collective example exercise, the students are expected to produce a three-dimensional structure constituted by a network of double curved surfaces with mutual roundings. Since each individual piece will finally be fitted into a collective sculpture, the students have to work within very strict tolerances. 

Academic year:
2013 / 2014
Ruben Verstraeten, Sebastiaan Leenknegt en Willem Bekers


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