Carola Hein: Sarton Medal & Lecture

24-02-2020 from 13:02 to 13:02
VANDENHOVE Centrum voor Architectuur en Kunst, Rozier 1, 9000 Gent
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Carola HeinCarola Hein, Chair of History of Architecture and Urban Planning at TU Delft, is internationally one of the leading figures in the history of urban planning. She publishes widely in this field on topics very often related to contemporary developments, like on port cities, the European capital, postwar reconstruction and urban and regional planning in Japan, urban transformations in Hamburg, and the global architecture of Oil, research initially started with a Guggenheim Fellowship. She is also the editor of the important 'Routledge Planning History Handbook', an international overview of planning history, which was recently published (2017).

In her Sarton lecture on 'Oil and Water: Port city regions as nodes in global petroleumscape', she will talk about the global architecture of Oil in port cities and its urban and regional repercussions.

Aerial view of the oil installations in the port of Rotterdam (photo: Carola Hein).In the context of her lecture, professor Carola Hein will be awarded the Sarton medal as part of the Sarton program of the faculties of Ghent University. George Sarton (1884–1956), one of the founding fathers of the history of sciences as an academic discipline, was an alumnus of Ghent University. In 1902 he initially enrolled at Ghent as a student in the humanities, before switching to the natural sciences and mathematics. The First World War forced him to leave Ghent, and he eventually settled in the United States, where he established himself as one of the major pioneers of the discipline of the history of science.

A reception will be offered at the end of the Sarton lecture.
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