Exposition Advanced Topic "Structure in Architecture. Hommage Dirk Jaspaert"


Exposition Advanced Topic "Structure in Architecture. Hommage Dirk Jaspaert"The result of  the first phase of the Advanced Topic "Structure in Architecture. Hommage Dirk Jaspaert" is exhibited in the hallway on the first floor of the Plateaubuilding, in front of auditoria E-G. Students were asked to analyze the position of the structure in an architectural project. Their analysis are synthesized in 20 isometric cutaway drawings, a technique developed by August Choisy. You are all invited to go and have a look. In addition students were asked to prepare short essays on their findings.

All structures were designed by BAS (Bureau voor Architectuur en Stabiliteit), founded by Dirk Jaspaert. He is the éminence grise of the designerly oriented structural engineers in Belgium. The office collaborated with numerous and diverse prominent architectural firms, such as 51N4E, Robbrecht en Daem architecten, Luc Deleu, Neutelings Riedijk architecten, Studio Associati Secchi & Vigano etcetera, for iconic projects such as the Stadshal in Ghent or STUK Arts Centre in Leuven.

The enthusiasm in reaction to this project from architects who often collaborate with BAS, proves the broad appreciation for their work. Whereas in some of the projects the construction is overtly shown, in others the structure is concealed. Yet in most of the projects the contribution of BAS and Dirk Jaspaert is of major importance. One of the central questions is thus whether the hand of BAS can be discerned in all these projects of various architects. Students as well question the role the design of the structure plays in the architectural quality of the project.

The Advanced Topic was organized by Tilke Devriese, Arthur De Roover & prof. Maarten Van Den Driessche and situates in the doctoral research of Tilke.