HybridGEOTABS video: sustainable heating and cooling of buildings across EU


hybridGEOTABS is an innovative system concept for sustainable heating and cooling of buildings. The concept integrates geothermal energy and thermally activated building systems (TABS or concrete core activation), thus integrating the system in the building structure and environment. By use of model predictive controls (MPC), the building performance is continuously optimised. This energy-efficient solution provides a significant reduction of CO2 emissions by increasing the use of low-grade thermal energy sources and grid flexibility, while providing architectural freedom of space and high indoor environmental quality. The short video introduces the key properties of the concept and the first demonstration buildings across Europe:

hybridGEOTABS also refers to a research- and innovation project in the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission (2016-2020), that is coordinated by the Building Physics research group at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (Prof. Jelle Laverge, dr. Eline Himpe).

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