Lecture series “Renovating the Belgian Building Stock by 2050”


© UGent, foto Jonas Vandecasteele en Yentl Vandendriessche

In order to mitigate the global warming trends the consumption of fossil fuels needs to be reduced drastically. The technical solutions to tackle energy use for space heating in the building stock are readily available. However, we are facing significant challenges. By 2050, 95% of the Belgian building stock needs to be renovated towards low-energy buildings, but at the current paste only 20 to 30% will comply by then.

In several advanced topics in the Master of Science in Engineering: Architecture these challenges are addressed. While considering technical boundary conditions, energy simulations, environmental impact of building materials, and variability in the housing stock,  students develop strategies to reduce the environmental impact in the most efficient way.

This series of 4 lectures aims to discuss the challenges ahead, look at expertise and experience abroad, and reflect on the future of our building stock. The lectures are open for everyone, we kindly invite you to join us online!