Marcel Lods. Éduquer à l'architecture moderne.


New book: David Bihanic & Pieter Uyttenhove (eds.), Marcel Lods . 2duquer à l'architecture moderne, Lille : Athom, 2022

A collection of unpublished texts of rare quality (writings and transcriptions of lectures) by the French architect-urbanist Marcel Lods (1891-1978), together with analyses, studies and commentaries by guest authors. Edited by David Bihanic and Pieter Uyttenhove.

Unpublished summary biography of Marcel Lods by Pieter Uyttenhove.
Seven unpublished texts by Marcel Lods.
Original studies, analyses and commentaries (texts by invited authors) by David Bihanic, Claire Brunet, Éric Chauvier, Richard Klein, Antonella Tufano, Christophe Viart.


Graphic design by David Bihanic.

Volume 356 p
Format 11 × 22 cm (paperback)
BW, fond 2 colours (Pantone)
All texts in French
22 €

ISBN 978-2-9573855-1-5
EAN 9782957385515