Recollecting Landscapes: re-photography, memory and transformation

‘Recollecting Landscapes’ uses documentary re-photography for research on urbanism, landscape, heritage, spatial planning, infrastructure, etc. It observes the evolution of landscapes until today. Over the course of a century, an exceptional photographic collection was composed that covers the northern parts of the Belgian territory.

Four consecutive series of pictures reveal the exact same landscapes photographed by four photographers at four moments during more than a century: Jean Massart (1904)Georges Charlier (1980), Jan Kempenaers (2004) and Michiel De Cleene (2014)Since 2006, two books and two exhibitions were produced as well as a website with all the photos, texts and detailed information.

Project Info

Research group: Labo S
Start date: 2004
Researchers: Pieter Uyttenhove, Bruno Notteboom, D. Vanbelleghem, I. Van Bouwel, R. Debergh, and B. Willequet

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