The Monographic Factor

De monografische factorMuseums dedicated to one artist are globally spreading but reflection on monographic museums is limited. In this doctoral research Maarten Liefooghe makes an ideal typical mapping of the factor that makes single-artist museums differ from ‘the art museum’ and defines the institutional stakes in their museum architecture. ‘The Monographic Factor: Theoretical and Architectural Aspects of Single-Artist Museums’ develops three perspectives. A first part investigates the monographic approach(es) with the notion of the oeuvre, the myths of artisthood and the paradox of monographic approaches after the critiques of authorship.

Part two looks at single-artist museums as hybrid institutions with aspects of the art museum, the person’s memorial, and the archive, three institutional modes that overlap and become impure. Part three treats the cases of Musée Gustave Moreau, Museo Morandi, Wilhelm-Lehmbruck-Museum, Andy Warhol Museum and Magritte Museum, and Kirchner Museum and Roger Raveelmuseum.


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