Research projects Stefaan Vervoort

Curating Architecture in the Expanded Field of Historic Preservation: 1:1 Models and In Situ Interventions

Contemporary architecture exhibitions might contain solutions to challenges in preserving the built environment.

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Exhibition Orban Space: Luc Deleu – T.O.P. office

The exhibition Orban Space: Luc Deleu – T.O.P. office centres upon Orban Space, the latest research project initiated by T.O.P. office in 2006. Orban Space brings to full circle the ambition of T.O.P. office to develop a theoretical framework and a practical methodology to think about public space on a global scale, and ultimately to develop suitable strategies to design it.

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Expolab: Exhibition & Lecture Series

Expolab was a public research programme about exhibiting architecture, from October 2014 to March 2015. It consisted of a public masterclass, a lecture series and an exhibition.

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