Lezing: Maarten De Groote - The Flemish Renovation Challenge - 100.000 energy renovations per year, paradigm shift or fiction?


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U bent van harte uitgenodigd op de online lezing van Maarten De Groote (VITO) op donderdag 6 mei om 19u30. Deze lezing is de vierde en laatste in de reeks “Renovating the Belgian Building Stock by 2050”, die we organiseren in de context van enkele bijzondere vraagstukken.

De presentatie is zonder registratie te volgen via deze link: https://ugent-be.zoom.us/j/96630170899?pwd=ZFBsV1FMMDZSanhKY1pMRlUzSlkvQT09

The Flemish Renovation Challenge - 100.000 energy renovations per year, paradigm shift or fiction?
Maarten De Groote
The current built environment is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. It remains highly dependent on fossil fuels, has yet to embrace circularity, and is not seeing the renovation activity necessary to meet climate goals and improve people’s wellbeing.
The situation in Flanders (as in most if not all of Europe) is far from evident, given that 95% of the Flemish houses don’t meet the 2050 objectives. According to data of the Flemish Energy Agency hardly 5% of the single family houses achieves an energy performance level A, meeting the objectives set for buildings by 2050, this in strong contrast with more than half of the current building stock being highly energy inefficient (label E and F).
To make the Flemish building stock energy neutral, both the rate and depth of energy renovations needs to be increased drastically. To increase the renovation rate from 0.8% to 3% per year, both the capacity of the construction sector as the investment are crucial challenges to tackle.
Cost reductions and innovative finance models are a priority to cover the investments needed. A collective approach, efficiency gains, digitalisation and innovation from the construction sector can strongly reduce the price of renovation while at the same time improving the quality.
Instead of retrofitting buildings from an individual perspective, a paradigm shift is calling for a policy framework enabling both an integrated and aggregated energy transition approach on neighbourhood level.

Maarten De Groote has over 15 years’ experience in energy efficient, sustainable and smart buildings, and joined VITO/EnergyVille as Senior Expert early 2019 where he coordinates the Positive Energy District program and manages project teams for public clients (EU, national and local).
In his previous function as Head of Research at the Buildings Performance Institute Europe he successfully elevated topics such as innovation in the construction sector, building passports, renovation strategies and smart buildings into the EU spotlight, while increasing the national ambition levels.
As Strategic Policy Officer at the Flemish Energy Agency (BE), he coordinated the Flemish Nearly Zero Energy Buildings action plan and the Belgian certification scheme for installers of renewable energy technologies.
Maarten holds a master degree in Industrial Design and an Energy & Climate Postgraduate, both consolidating his out-of-the-box and transversal approach.

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