Admission criteria

MSc in Biomedical Engineering

Students with an academic Bachelor (or Master) in Science degree in engineering (university level) can enter the program without any prerequisites (except for students with a BSc or MSc degree in architecture). This is also the case for students with a MSc in bio-engineering.

At present, there is no bachelor program in biomedical engineering, neither at Ghent University nor VUB (or any other university in Belgium). The obvious drawback of this lacuna is the fact that students with an interest in biomedical engineering need to wait until year 4 before effectively starting the biomedical engineering track (besides a couple of “teasers” in the bachelor program).

The advantage, however, is that you have already had an excellent 3-year training in an (classical) engineering discipline, and have acquired engineering skills and competences that will form a solid basis for the MSc in Biomedical Engineering, and a partial technical specialization within one of the biomedical engineering sub-disciplines.

Students with a Master degree in industrial sciences (industrieel ingenieur) can enter the master program via a dedicated 'bridging' program, totaling also 120 ECTS credits. This master program is essentially the same as the regular program, but 6 (of the 24) ECTS credits for elective courses are taken by the compulsory course “Wiskundige modellering in de ingenieurswetenschappen” (in Dutch !!) and another 6 credits by a course from a specific selection of the elective courses.


In addition to the admission criteria, international students will have to demonstrate English language proficiency.

Admission program

All other students have to follow an admission program, accounting for approximately 30 to maximally 90 ECTS credits depending on their diploma. The interuniversity program board defines the program of each individual student, depending on their already acquired credits and competences. As educational tracts are assessed on an individual basis, it is important that students apply timely so that individual track records can be studied with care to ensure an optimal selection of courses

CEMACUBE - International MSc in Biomedical Engineering

Holders of a Bachelor degree in either Biomedical, Physical, Electrical, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering can be admitted to this Master’s degree programme. We refer to the CEMACUBE website for more details.