Flash-Seminar: GO-COVID FOR IT

29-03-2022 from 19:30 to 22:00
Auditorium P, Jozef Plateaustraat 22, 9000 Gent

High-level reflections on the new challenges for planning.

We seem to be back in business, but after the financial, covid, housing, Ukraine and upcoming recession crisis, spatial planning is encountering a major turn. In a flash seminar, three reflections of prominent international scholars will deal with

Registration is free: https://webappsx.ugent.be/eventManager/events/LezingEramuspartners


  • 19:30 Opening and Introduction Luuk Boelens (Ughent-Belgium)
  • 19:45 KEYNOTE Stefano Moroni (Polytechnic Milano- Italie) Planning and meta-planning for disruptive events
  • 20:05 Q&A
  • 20:15 KEYNOTE Alain Thierstein (TU-Munich) The Corona pandemic and working from home
  • 20:35 Q&A
  • 20:45 KEYNOTE Gert de Roo (RUGroningen-Netherlands) The city grid and democracy in crisis
  • 21:05 Q&A
  • 21:15 Closing words Michiel Dehaene (Ughent-Belgium)