Services to industry

Energy Demand in Industry

The Research Group Thermal Energy in Industry provides advisory work to industry in its field of research. Companies in need of advice on thermal energy systems and their application are welcome to contact us.

This work is conducted under the coordination of the Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET) consortium of UGent. Please contact the SET responsible (Jeroen De Maeyer) for information on contracting, confidentiality, government support, etc.

The research group also has testing facilities which are accessible to industry:

  • Electric thermal oil heater, 0-250 kWth, max T 350°C.
  • Water-glycol cooling loop (air cooled) cond T ambient to ca 120°C.
  • 11kWe nominal electric power ORC test setup.
  • centrifugal pump test rig.
  • Thermal imaging camera.
  • Flue gas analyzer.

To consolidate the know-how and better serve the industry the Knowledge Center for Waste Heat Valorisation was established.

International Symposium on Advanced Waste Heat Valorisation Technologies, 13-14 September 2012: WHV2012.

LinkedIn group Power from Waste Heat: Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)


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