Head of the research group

Professor Michel De Paepe (Bibliography)

Michel De Paepe (°1972) is professor of Thermodynamics in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University.

He graduated as Master of Science in Electro-Mechanical Engineering at Ghent University in 1995. In 1999 he obtained the PhD in Electro-Mechanical Engineering at Ghent University, graduating on ‘Steam Injected Gas Turbines with Water Recovery’. In 2005 he spent 3 months as a visiting professor at the University of Pretoria (South Africa), doing research on flow regime detection.

Tenured Academic Staff


Scientific staff & PhD students

  • Zaaquib Ahmed - 3D modeling of the slab in a walking-beam furnace
  • Wim Beyne - 3D modeling of PCM-foam thermal storage systems
  • Filip Bronchart - development of efficient dehumidification device for greenhouses (Bibliography)
  • Kenny Couvreur
  • Toon Demeester
  • Willem Faes - Strategies for the design and predictive maintenance of heat exchangers used in geothermal applications
  • Hugo Monteyne - methodology for affordable sustainable building design for hot and humid climates
  • Jana Rogiers
  • Jasper Nonneman - test engineer
  • Wito Plas
  • Thomas Schoonjans
  • Katarina Simić - Development of dynamic heat pump and TES models
  • Robin Tassenoy
  • Ilya T'Jollyn - advanced cooling of power electronics (Bibliography)
  • Jera Van Nieuwenhuyse
  • Xander Van Heule
  • Elias Vierens

Supporting staff

  • Thomas Blancke
  • Frederik Martens
  • Bart Van Daele

Former scientific staff

  • Judith Vander Heyde
  • Alihan Kaya - heat transfer and pressure drop of working fluids in subcritical ORCs (Bibliography)
  • Marija Lazova - heat transfer and pressure drop of working fluids in supercritical ORCs (Bibliography)
  • Marijn Billiet - gas-liquid distribution of refrigerants in compact heat exhangers (Bibliography)
  • Aditya Pillai
  • Asal Sharif - composite heat exchangers (Bibliography)