Team Transport Technology

 Permanent staff

Postdoc researchers

  • Louis Sileghem - Alternative fuels for spark ignition engines: alcohols/gasoline mixtures (Bibliography)

PhD students & scientific staff

Master thesis students

  • Niels Bormans
  • Bert De Buyzerie
  • Rik De Graeve
  • Jens Peeters
  • Louis Van de Mergel
  • Mathieu Vroman
  • Stan Wambacq

    Supporting staff

    • Koen Chielens
    • Thomas Blancke
    • Frederik Martens

    Former scientific staff

    • Thomas De Cuyper - In-cylinder heat transfer (Bibliography)
    • Jakob Coulier - Use of methanol in compression ignition engines through the dual fuel combustion process (More information)
    • Jonas Galle - Alternative fuels for compression ignition engines (Bibliography)
    • Jeroen Vancoillie - Alternative fuels for spark ignition engines : alcohols (Bibliography)
    • Joachim Demuynck - In-cylinder heat transfer measurement and modeling (Bibliography)