Design project: demo day 2019

25-04-2019 from 13:00 to 17:00
Aud. 1, iGent, Zwijnaarde
Femke De Backere
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Demo Day of the course Design Project from the 1st master Computer Science Engineering.

The different student teams will present their project with a pitch and live demo, after which their prototypes can be tried and tested at the different booths (ground floor, student foyer). There is also a competition involved which lets you invest (fake) money in the most promising teams. 
The presentations start at 13:00 in Auditorium I, iGent (Technologiepark) and last until 14:30, after which the booths are opened. Around 16:15/16:30, we will announce the winners. It is the ideal opportunity to see the capabilities of our 1st master students!
This is a short overview of the different teams: 
  • Pace your Pulse: Let the beat guide your pace and heart rate to your personal training level, effortlessly and during your favourite form of exercise
  • Aurora: An app that interprets (text-based) files, based on their content, offering representations and interaction customised to the content type
  • OpenSpace: Seat occupancy application using visual light (security) cameras in trains
  • Sign for one another:A web application teaching kids sign language with feedback while keeping costs low
  • The Black Sun: Intuitive interface for controlling and flying drone swarms
  • EduPlat: Intelligent and interactive online platform, that automatically grades, evaluates and classifies the users code, in order to advise the optimal course the student should follow next
  • ReVision: An Android app that assists volleyball referees in making close line calls by using the camera feeds of smartphones placed around the court