CMST researchers develop smart bikewear to prevent back injuries

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(01-08-2019) @imec - Cycling can place great strain on the lower back. To counter this, engineers and physical therapists are joining forces to develop smart bikewear featuring integrated sensors that analyze the rider’s posture.

Physios would be able to use the data from the smart jersey to gain greater insight into the back problems suffered by cyclists, while road racers wearing these outfits could monitor and adjust the way they hold their bodies constantly while they are ‘on the go’. So say goodbye to some of those cycling-related injuries!

Pieter Bauwens, Paula Veske and Tom Sterken, respectively a postdoc researcher, doctoral student and R&D engineer at CMST, an imec research group at UGent, tell us more about these sensors and the way they are incorporated into smart cycling apparel. Joke Schuermans, another postdoc researcher into physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences at UGent, explains the link between fitness, fatigue and incorrect posture on a bicycle. But first and foremost: discover how cyclewear with sensors can make a world of difference for (amateur) cyclists.  

This cycling outfit is a good example of smart clothing, which is an up-and-coming new technology that we are sure we will be hearing more of in the years to come. The American company SKIIN is forecasting three main trends in the sector for smart textiles.

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