Students in Computer Science excel in Cyber Security Challenge Belgium


Based on the principles of a Capture The Flag (CTF), this computer security competition is a challenge-based game played by teams of maximum 4 students. Over a limited time frame, the teams must solve challenges covering a wide range of security-related issues involving, e.g., cryptography, reverse engineering, network security, web or mobile application security, and wireless and forensics analysis. Complexity of challenges ranges from trivial to very difficult.  198 teams registered for this challenge and we are proud to see our students excelling in this competition!
Niko Strijbol, Rien Maertens, David Vandorpe, and Toon Baeyens managed to get 3rd place in the competition; Robin De Pril, Robin Antheunis, Brecht Hendrickx, and Jonas Van Wilder made it to the 6thplace.  Congratulations!
Prof. Bjorn De Sutter is not surprised to see many of his students from the Software Hacking and Protection course performing well in this competition.  His course teaches quite some offensive security techniques because, as he explains, "In the continuing arms race of computer security, poachers turned gamekeepers often prove to be most valuable." 
Would you like a challenge as well?  Take a look at what David Vandorpe shared on, a challenge only his team was able to crack.