Demo market of smart products

(31-01-2019) 29 January, at the University Campus Kortrijk the engineering students wowed all visitors with a truly innovating demo market of smart products they created in collaboration with companies.

The demo market at the  Industrial Design Center at the UGent Campus Kortrijk was preceded by an inspiring lecture (at 4 pm) from inventor / professor Maarten Weyn who has already produced similar products in Team Scheire.

Chemical weed control is a thing of the past with the AI-driven robo-wieder. The harvest can then be transported to the city via autonomous electric boats. Meanwhile, our DIY sensing system measures the micro-climate in your forest in real-time and shares this worldwide. Other sensing systems measure the bio-data of children with epilepsy or use your heart rate when you are dancing as an input signal for the DJ to be completely in sync with the audience. 

During the demo market you will also come face to face with artificial lungs that take over your breathing rhythm and let you gradually relax. Or use a VR periscope to see all upcoming events of the Arhus library come to life …


Case 12 - GEMS - UGent Mechatronics 2018-2019 from Smart Product Design on Vimeo.


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